Company Overview

Exceptional Invention seeks to establish itself as a reliable and innovative provider of online services. Going forward, a suite of online applications and services will be developed in order to augment the abilities of its users in the various creative, technological and business fields within which services are provided.

The first SaaS application to go public will be Novel Goggles, scheduled for release in 2022. The technologies developed for this application will then be refined and deployed in the creation of subsequent services, to be revealed as development of each of these commences.

SaaS of Exceptional Invention

Novel Goggles is a web application that writers can use to plan or analyse their writing projects (fictional short stories, novels or book series), including the structure of their novel, description of characters and character development, world building, pace and tension, story arcs and the story timeline. In comparison to the competition, Novel Goggles provides a more comprehensive perspective of the user's creative writing projects. This is done by allowing the user a view of their creative world building and character development, integrated with a view of the overall technical structure of their novel. The narrative timeline is then integrated into this perspective, allowing the user a full view of the creative and technical aspects of their work and how this evolves over the timeline of their story. In summary, the user is provided a view that merges the creative and analytical view of their novel and shows how these elements evolve over the timeline of the story being told.